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Health Seminars

It is important, especially nowadays, to understand our health and the components of a healthy lifestyle — not just nutrition, but also proper training methods and the purpose behind each part of our training. The population is not well informed on this subject, because health and fitness marketing does not provide the best information to people who are looking to be in better shape. At Fitness Annex Wellness Centre, we serve our clients by offering attentive support and a personalized health plan. Every person is different and everyone has specific needs. At Fitness Annex Wellness Centre, we want to understand what your body and/or mind needs in order to provide the best services and personalized programs to solve the problems that are contributing to your health issues. We offer seminars on a diverse range of topics right here in our centre, depending on the number of attendees. We can also provide seminars at a location of your choice or at your business.

To check availability, please contact us directly.

  • Basic methods of living healthy and losing body fat
  • Proper eating habits
  • Common food misconceptions
  • Resistance training vs. steady state cardio
  • Q&A session