Mauro Simonetti is a Naturopath N.D. with a specialization in physical fitness therapy, as well as a hormonal modulation practitioner level 2 in BioSignature and a certified strength and conditioning coach in PICP levels 1 & 2 with the Poliquin Institute. He is also a graduate of Sports Management Worldwide where he obtained a certification in hockey management and scouting. An experienced athlete, he has participated in hockey, soccer and martial arts his whole life and has been lifting weights since age 11. With his many years of experience in training combined with his multiple degrees in various specializations, he has managed to create innovative methods that have set new standards in structural balance, exercise assessment, nutritional planning, fitness instruction, natural medicine practice and rehabilitation training.

He can help you achieve your goals to lose body fat, gain muscle and stay lean, increase strength, find motivation, live healthier, have more energy, increase self-esteem, improve performance, reduce risks of diseases or help recuperate from certain diseases, such as diabetes, cholesterol, thyroids, etc., and help to rehabilitate and strengthen different areas of your body before and after a surgery.

He also offers a variety of health seminars for both personal and corporate audiences to address misinformation in the health industry, present the truth, and give tips on remaining healthy in order to guide his clients to a better and healthier lifestyle. Also, as a naturopathic doctor, he can provide insurance receipts.